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Royal Bespoke Tailoring

The Rise of Affordable Tailoring

Royal Bespoke Tailoring

A perfectly tailored suit speaks volumes. Royal Bespoke Tailoring is taking personalization of your shirts and suits to another level. No experience can be more satisfying than the quiet pleasure of wearing a crisply laundered shirt that is made especially for you. 

It is not just the fabric or fit that indicates a shirt’s style, but the beauty in the details from the stitching at the top of the neck right through to the sleeve end, customized for you to your measurements and unique taste.

Whether you are Giacometian in stature or Rubenesque in figure, our experienced tailors can match your statistics measure for measure, giving you the exact same legendary quality and workmanship that you require from Saville Row and Jermyn Street tailors. 

You may choose fromover 1,000 of the most luxurious fabrics, specify your choice of collar, cuffs, stitching, buttons and monogrammed with your initials: Quintessential luxury for the discerning client, with enduring style, quality of service, made in Europe and all of this without the price tag!Our clients include captains of industries, high net-worth individuals, personalities,

sportsmen and celebrities. We hold special business networking events a few times a year. 

Best Suits

Best design and fabric that you will find in the market

For Your Business men look

Because with regular wear, you’re going to need a new suit within a couple of years once this one falls apart.

Classy and Fashionable

Wedding or meeting ,we have your back!

             Each client is unique and has a specific body type which requires precision tailoring.Royal bespoke tailoring has created an incomparable and flexible made-to-measure ordering system that considers inindividual body nuances in every detail, to ensure a precise fit. Using our modular ordering system, we present our clients the opportunity to create his own personalized design. He will have the privilege of knowing that his suit is exclusive to him.

             Bespoke menswear is one of the most valuable investments a man can make and a perfectly tailored suit and shirt speaks volumes. We offer you the unique opportunity to customize your clothes to your good taste.The apex of menswear at a fraction of what you might pay at the legendary tailors in Royal Bespoke Tailoring, we can give you the firm foundations for a wardrobe of unsurpassed quality, refinement and excellence.

                                                                                              The Midas touch is only one appointment away!